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What Is A Sermon?

We tend to think that we all know what a sermon is. The dictionary definition of a sermon, "a talk on a religious or moral subject, especially one given during a church service," suggest that a sermon is something the minister preaches and the congregations listens to or observes. Yet, many of the church's most important "sermons" are preached outside of worship by baptized Christians who, for example, share the faith with their children, allow the gospel to guide their business dealings, and work for peace and justice in the various arenas of their lives.

Preacher and author Barbra Borwn Taylor describes the purpose of the Sunday sermon as inviting the congregation to see the world as the realm of God's activity and to make connections between their Christian faith and their lives in the same way they hear them made from the pulpit, until they become preachers themselves.

Taylor writes: "Preaching is not something an ordained minister does for fifteen minutes on Sundays, but what the whole congregation does all week long; it is a way of approaching the world and gleaning God's presence there."

Cited Material From - When God Speaks Through You: How Faith Convictions Shape Preaching and Mission by Craig A. Satterlee (Alban, 2008, pp. 55 and 56.)