Redeemer Lutheran Church Ministries

We offer a number of vibrant educational, fellowship and outreach ministires for everyone from age 2 to 102. We invite you to join us as we learn about God and share our faith. Learn more about these ministry opportunities below:

ADULT ministries

Directory of Service and Discipleship Opportunities at Redeemer Lutheran Church, Indianola, Iowa
The purpose of this directory is to offer more detailed information regarding the many service and discipleship opportunities here at Redeemer Lutheran Church.  Should you want more specific information about any of the activities listed, please feel free to contact the church office at or at 515.961.6148.

The stewardship of our time and talents is the wise and responsible use of the special gifts that God has entrusted to each of us.  It is in believing that God has created each one of us with unique abilities and attributes…including our personalities, interests, motivations, life experiences, talents and skills, hopes and dreams…that make us who we are.  Our lives are God’s gift to us; how we live is our gift to God.  Note, this use of our time and talents is as important for our youth as for our adult members so be sure to encourage the youth in your household to become involved.

Many service opportunities do not involve long periods of time commitment.  Redeemer has many short-term projects.  Please consider the skills and time you have available and be sure to sign up when you feel the call and see a need that you can help fill.  Many hands help to make short work of our projects.



Adult and Family Fellowship Ministry Team:  This team supports Redeemer’s mission of “connecting God’s word to life in the world through a vibrant faith community where souls are fed and gifts are shared”.

    • Provides organizational support in the area of food and kitchen work
    • Centers events around fellowship and connection
    • Informally sponsors groups and activities within the congregation
    • Provides fellowship opportunities which might include: Men’s Breakfast, Congregational Picnics, Potlucks, New Member Receptions, Food for the Soul at Simpson College, Funeral Lunches, Lenten Suppers, and the Christmas Dinner 

Art Ministry Team:  This team fulfills its mission and purpose by making arrangements to exhibit work by local and area artists in the narthex.  The intent has been to help church members see and understand the many wonders of God’s world by using non-verbal means.

    • To decorate and beautify the church
    • To enhance or deepen the worship experience by presenting images or objects related to the worship experience or to Christian theological concepts
    • To affirm the work of local and regional artists by displaying their work in a quasi-public place
    • To deepen an understanding of faith by presenting images illustrative of sermon texts, Sunday School lessons, and youth group experiences
    • To connect our church with others in the community
    • To provide an opportunity for conversation without words
    • To provide an opportunity for personal growth as well as testimony to faith

Education Ministry Team:  This team seeks to provide opportunities for faith development at all ages in a comprehensive and cohesive way. 

    • Sunday School meets at 9:30 am each Sunday from September through May.  Ages 3 through Adult.  Teachers, assistants, and substitutes are always needed. 
    • Vacation Bible School is held for 5 evenings beginning the Sunday one week after school ends.  Sessions begin with a light dinner at 5:00 pm and continue with activities until 7:30 pm.  Everyone meets at Redeemer for dinner and opening.  Ages 3 through grade 3 remain at Redeemer, while grades 4 through 6 go to Lake Ahquabi State Park after opening. 
    • GYM Class (God’s Young Musicians) is for children in Kindergarten through 3rd grade. Younger children may attend if parents remain at church during class. GYM Classes are held for 3–4 consecutive Wednesday night sessions (6:15 – 6:45pm) with a dedicated theme. Children sing and play bells, tone chimes, and Orff instruments. God’s Young Musicians occasionally provide special activities
    • Faith Formation is for youth in grades 7 and 8.  They meet Wednesdays from 6:15 pm to 8:00 pm. Faith Formation includes Middle School Choir and Confirmation Class.  Teachers, small group leaders, and mentors are an important part of this program.
    • High School Youth Group meets on a schedule agreed to at the beginning of each school year.  Hosts for recreational activities are welcome.
    • Middle and High School Fellowship/Stewardship Events are planned throughout the year for MS and HS youth to build friendships through fellowship and foster a sense of service to the community and world in the name of Christ.  Volunteers to organize events are welcome.
    • Summer Youth Trip is for youth who have completed 8th – 12th grade.  These trips vary each year from city immersions to ELCA Youth Gatherings and more. They are funded primarily through various fundraising activities.  Chaperones and creative fundraising leaders are always welcome.
    • Adult Education Opportunities are also available.  Adult Sunday School meets at 9:30 am Sundays September through May.

Global Mission Ministry Team:  This team’s purpose is to nurture our relationship with the Vudee Parish in Tanzania.

    • Educates the congregation about the cultural similarities and differences between Vudee and Redeemer 
    • Provides guidance to the Church Council to designate offerings to recipients 
    • Shares and educates the congregation on as many ELCA and SE Iowa Synod global activities as possible, but limits the number as needed to ensure we make maximum impact on Vudee and all projects
    • Provides occasional study trips to various parts of the world.  Past destinations have been Africa and the Middle East. 

Outreach Ministry Team:  This team focuses on evangelism in order to better understand and more appropriately equip Redeemer members in their roles as witnesses and evangelists for Christ. 

    • Meetings held monthly or as needed 
    • Meeting dates – look to Parish Visitor, weekly news bulletins, or the church calendar

Property Ministry Team:  This team directs care and maintenance of the church properties in order to preserve the value of our property assets and keep them functional for church activities. Members meet as needed. The team has many short-termed projects. Many volunteers are needed for short term projects:

    • Maintain exterior and interior surfaces
    • Maintain fixtures and utilities
    • Utilize volunteers to help when circumstances require, such as cleaning Sunday School rooms prior to Rally Day, cleaning the Sanctuary after Christmas, etc.
    • Mow church grounds -  Redeemer supplies the mower
    • Power wash and seal deck of parsonage
    • Paint
    • Pull weeds or spray
    • Add fill dirt around foundation
    • Clean gutters
    • Trim bushes and trees
    • Rake up and haul away downed branches
    • Caulk around windows and doors
    • Fill cracks in sidewalks
    • Replace furnace filters
    • Minor plumbing repairs
    • Cut suckers around trees
    • Drywall repair
    • Plant flowers
    • Minor repairs inside and outside

Stewardship and Gifts Ministry Team: This team seeks to create opportunities for Redeemer members to grow in both financial and personal stewardship year-round.

    • Embrace the Lord through our church community
    • Foster the growth of personal relationships with Jesus
    • Recognize, develop, and generously share the gifts and possessions that God entrusted to each of us
    • Discern how God is calling each of us to respond to our blessings

Worship and Music Ministry Team:  This team ensures that Redeemer provides accessible worship and music within the Lutheran tradition by working with pastors and staff to share ideas, gather data, secure necessary resources, and make recommendations to the Church Council. 

    • Altar Guild cares for and prepares the worship place, its furnishings, the sacramental elements and vessels, and assists with the rites and services of the church.
    • GYM Class (God’s Young Musicians) (see Education Ministry Team)
    • Middle School Choir (see Education Ministry Team)
    • Senior Choir is made up of singers ages high school and up.  Anyone is welcome to join.  Rehearsals are Wednesdays from 7-8 pm in the sanctuary, and the choir sings at church twice per month.  Please add your voice as we sing God’s praise together.
    • Musicians enhance church services throughout the year. Solos, duets, or small groups of all ages are welcome and encouraged to perform at church services. The choirs do not perform during the summer, but anyone interested in providing special music during summer worship is encouraged to share their gifts.


Audit Committee reviews and examines Redeemer’s books for accuracy.

    • Three voting members elected by Church Council
    • Audit committee members may not be members of Church Council
    • Three year term of office with one member elected each year
    • Members are eligible for reelection 

Finance Committee assists the Church Council in three main areas:

    • Monitors the monthly income and expenses versus the proposed budget
    • Develops financial guidelines for council approval and monitoring
    • Develops a proposed budget for the upcoming year with assistance from ministry team leaders and committee chairs

Ministry Partnership Committee is charged with the task of promoting a harmonious working relationship between the congregation and pastoral staff.

    • Members are appointed jointly by the president and the pastors. 
    • The term of office is two years, with three members to be appointed each successive year.
    • Any comments or concerns you may have can be directed to any one of the committee members to be brought before the committee.
    • Committee members may not hold any other office in the congregation during their term.
    • This committee meets three times per year. 

Nominating Committee nominates, prior to each annual meeting, at least one candidate for each position to be filled and secures the prior consent of each candidate. The list of nominees is announced to the congregation when announcements of the annual meeting are made.

    • Five voting members of Redeemer, two of whom are outgoing members of the Church Council, are elected at the annual meeting for a term of one year.
    • Members are not eligible for consecutive reelection.
    • Meetings are held as needed.

Staff Support Committee acts as a congregational resource for employment policies and practices, creating an environment to purposeful work.

    • Consists of two standing members - a pastor and the Church Council president - and three additional members appointed by the council.
    • The term of office is three years, one member being appointed each successive year.
    • The committee meets at least three time a year.
    • The committee performs all personnel background and driver’s license checks on appropriate staff and volunteers.


STEWARDSHIP OF SERVICE:  The Stewardship of Service calendar is coordinated by Bonnie Zimmerman.  Sign-up sheets are utilized in the narthex. Assignments are published in the Parish Visitor each month.

Greeters welcome members and guests as they enter the narthex for worship.  This ministry is a vital part of worship.  Greeters are the first people to come into contact with members and guests.  All members are encouraged to join this ministry.  The time commitment is minimal and the rewards are great.

Ushers help create and maintain a sense of welcoming and belonging for members and guests to our church community. 

    • Ushers can be men, women, and youth who volunteer time to extend a warm greeting to those attending worship.
    • Ushers pass out worship bulletins, pass offering plates, take attendance, assist those that might need help, and straighten up pews after worship.

Readers share the appropriate scripture passages during worship.

Communion Assistants assist the pastors during communion with the offering of bread and wine during worship.


Advent Workshopfollows the Children’s Christmas program in conjunction with a soup supper. It is usually held the third Sunday in Advent. Help is needed to:

    • Move furniture to set stage for rehearsals and the program
    • Coordinate gift bags
    • Coordinate costuming/help kids get dressed
    • Stage Mom/Dad to help keep kids focused during the program
    • Provide soup
    • Help in the kitchen (Dads) with serving and clean up
    • Crafters to help with crafts

Bible Study

    • Women’s – Meets Wednesdays at 9:30 am, Sept - May
    • Men’s – Meets Wednesdays at 6:30 am; a second group meets Thursdays at 8:30 am
    • Adult Sunday School – Meets Sundays at 9:30 am, Sept – May

Book Club is open to anyone who enjoys both reading and fellowship with other readers.

    • Both fiction and non-fiction are read, including the occasional classic. The monthly selection is published in the Parish Visitor.
    • The group reads the annual “All Iowa Reads” book selection and attends the discussion at Indianola Public Library
    • Hosting is voluntary.  The host provides the place and something to drink.
    • Meetings last about 90 minutes. The last part of the evening is spent choosing the next book and a host for the next month. 

Card Clubs

    • Redeemer Bridge is open to all bridge players, including beginners and learners.  This group meets once a month in someone’s home.
    • Redeemer 500 is a group of card players who enjoy getting together for fellowship and fun. Everyone is welcome, including people new to the game.  This group meets once a month in a member’s home, and all bring a snack to share. 

Casual Dining Series offers an opportunity to get to know members of Redeemer in a casual setting.

    • All-inclusive - new members, long-time members, singles, couples, young and old, any adult can join. 
    • Participants are divided into groups of 6 or 7 people.
    • One individual or couple will be designated the host for that month.  The host contacts the group to arrange a gathering time that works for everyone.
    • Each month the host and individuals in your group will change, so you will dine with new members. 
    • The gathering does not have to be a formal dinner.  Get togethers can be for appetizers, pizza, burgers, or meeting at a favorite restaurant. 

Ditch Patrol cleans up trash on a designated portion of highway.

    • Redeemer is responsible for a two-mile portion (mile markers 56-58) of Highway 65/69 south of Indianola in conjunction with Iowa Department of Transportation. 
    • Redeemer volunteers get together 1-2 times a year to help make Iowa a cleaner place.

Folding Worship Bulletins and Newsletters is done by small groups of volunteers.

    • Folding bulletins takes place at 9:00 am every Friday. It takes about an hour and includes time for coffee, treats, and conversation.
    • A similar group folds the monthly Parish Visitor on either the 4th or 5th Thursday of the month at 9:00 am.

Food is often needed for Redeemer events such as luncheons, potlucks, and funeral dinners.

    • Volunteers are needed to provide food, help serve food, and clean up.
    • Both men and women are needed for these tasks.

Freezer Ministrycombines fellowship with mission in providing frozen meals for members to access and take to people in the community who could use a meal.

    • The group gathers in the Redeemer kitchen once a month or as needed throughout the year to prepare the meals to be frozen.
    • This project requires little time but makes a big impact.

Funeral Lunch Assistants serve the luncheon or reception following a funeral.

    • Assistants help set up the fellowship hall, serve the food, and clean up/tear down afterward.
    • Food is typically both purchased and donated by members.
    • We appreciate having both men and women to serve in this way.

Giving Tree is a project that coordinates with Lutheran Services to provide Christmas gifts for Warren County families in need.

    • Paper ornaments with a child’s or adult’s request are hung on a Christmas tree in the narthex. 
    • Redeemer members may choose an ornament and purchase the gift requested.
    • Attach the ornament to the unwrapped gift and place it under the tree. 
    • Cash donations will go to the Indianola HOPE Foundation.  HOPE does not accept gifts or gift cards – money only. 
    • For more information on Lutheran Services of Iowa ( or the Indianola HOPE Foundation ( please visit their websites.

Habitat for Humanity: Redeemer supports the work of Warren County Habitat for Humanity, both financially and with volunteers.  Watch for work days as they are scheduled. 

Lemonade and Corndog Stand at Warren County Fair is staffed by Redeemer members during the 6 - day run of the fair.

    •  Members sign up to work in pairs for 2-hour shifts. 
    • At the end of the fair, the church receives a generous donation from the vendor, McConnell Concessions.

Library - Redeemer keeps a small library with books that can be checked out.  Interested members can help further develop the library, develop a CD library, makes signs for shelves, etc.

Little Free Libraries are free book exchanges where anyone may take a book or return a book to share with others. 

    • Libraries are two colorful boxes near the south sidewalk entrance to Redeemer.
    • The taller box is designated for adults, and the shorter one for children.
    • There are no rules or late fees, and everyone can take part.
    • To donate books, please mark them for use in the Little Libraries and leave them in rooms 111 A&B in Redeemer’s basement.

Offering Counterscount offering monies and any special memorials that were turned in through the offering plates following each worship service.

Operation Christmas is a group of lay people from several Indianola churches who come together to distribute food and gifts to people in need at Christmas.

    • Volunteers are needed to help recipients purchase gift items at Walmart.
    • Donations are always appreciated. Checks should be payable to Helping Hand/Operation Christmas.

Quilting Group creates quilts for distribution through Lutheran World Relief as well as some quilts for local use.

    • Quilters meet from 9 am – 11 am each Monday. 
    • Quilts are made from fabrics and materials donated by the congregation.
    • Shipping costs are underwritten by Women of Redeemer. 
    • To donate materials, drop them off in the quilt room. 
    • To help create the quilts, please join in.  No experience is necessary.

Table of Plenty is a community meal held once a month for anyone in need.  Help is always needed to donate food, serve, and clean up.

Visitation Ministry provides an opportunity for members to visit members who are hospitalized, shut-in, or new members.

Women of Redeemer focuses on Bible study, thoughtful discussion, service projects and fellowship.

    • Meets on the 2nd Tuesday of the month, September through May.
    • The ELCA publication Gather guides our studies and provides inspirational articles to promote transformation of faith and life. 
    • Bible Study – 9:30 am each Wednesday (September through May) in Room 208
    • Table of Plenty
    • School Kits to Lutheran World Relief – we collect school supplies for children in other countries
    • Christmas Bazaar – women and men are urged to participate by sharing baked goods, artwork, or crafts.  All proceeds are donated to worthwhile organizations or special projects within Redeemer.
    • Riverside Campers Scholarships and Canteen Cards
    • Lutheran Services of Iowa (LSI)
    • Helping Hand
    • Habitat for Humanity
    • HOPE Foundation
    • Riverside Bible Camp
    • Women of the ELCA
    • Iowa Prison Industries
    • Contributions to various organizations are possible through generous member offerings, the Christmas Bazaar, and proceeds from the Lenten Soup Suppers.


  • Sunday School: 9:30 am, Ages 2 years through 12th Grade, various classrooms (September-May)
  • Youth Choir: Grades 3-5, Wednesday after schoool-3:00 pm – We offer transportation from school to the church and home again. (August-May)
  • Vacation Bible School (VBS): Ages 3 years-Grade 3 at Redeemer; Grades 4-6 at Lake Ahquabi. The evening starts with a meal and continues with activities that help us to learn more about God’s love for us through Jesus. (June)
  • Faith Formation: Grades 6-8, Wednesday after school-7:00 pm – We offer transportation from school to the church – Faith Formation includes games, after school snacks, a “God’s Work. Our Hands.” activity, Middle School Choir, Study Table, Dinner and Faith Formation (aka Confirmation) Class with large and small group activities. (August-April)
  • High School Youth Group: Grades 9-12, Wednesday, 6-8:30 pm – Dinner is provided. (August-May)
  • Middle and High School Fellowship/Stewardship Events: There are other large group activities planned throughout the year for Middle and High School youth in order to build friendship through fellowship and foster a sense of service to the community and world in the name of Christ.
  • Summer Youth Trip:  Each year a summer trip is planned for those completing grades 8 through 12. This may be a mission trip, a camping trip, an ELCA Youth Gathering, or other trip with the purpose of helping the youth grow deeper in their faith while learning to serve all of God’s people and creation in Christ’s name.